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Coretta Herring

Community Advocate Professional

About Me

Community Advocate Professional with more than 16 years of credit counseling proficiency.

I’m a champion for families that come from low income households, I’m proof that the cycle can be broken. Born and raised in Hillside housing projects and raised by a single mom I was determine to break the cycle of not knowing how to advance financially!

I have made it my mission to provide innovative solutions for families to build their credit and financial assets through group and individual financial coaching. I’m known for providing program integrity and an abundance of support for families that lead to a path of prosperity.

“I have the commitment, dedication and patience to see things through – whether they are work projects or friendships, a strong work ethic is deeply rooted in all that I do”.

I currently serve as a Licensed Realtor, ex. Certified HUD Housing Counselor and I’m is also a Financial coach facilitator.

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